Intro Video

Disclosure: This is simply a recording of a recent private webinar. Not an official product of eXp Realty. It is only meant to be shared with you personally.

Once you start the video, click on the square in the bottom right corner to expand to full screen.


As part of your due diligence of checking out eXp Realty, after watching this video go to OUR CAREERS PAGE &  click on “apply as an agent/broker”.
EXP will send you an ICA ( Independent Contractors Agreement ) The ICA fully explains all the details of eXp.
Make sure to put the person that referred EXP to you as your referring agent/ sponsor to assure you have the support you need on the top team.
NOTE: This does NOT move you to EXP Realty and EXP does NOT contact your Broker at any time.
That is up to you. If you change your mind, nothing happens. You have 100% complete privacy as you check out this amazing new company.